Arrival & Departure – Frequently Asked Questions

Exmouth Camper Hire are generally able to correspond pick up and drop off times with flights into Learmonth (Exmouth)

However our pick up and drop off times are 10am and 2pm if the vehicle is booked the night before or after your hire (Double booking).

Exmouth Camper Hire will inform you if a double booking is to occur on the same day no later then a week before your hire.

Yes, we will need to pre sight a valid driver’s licence via email and all drivers are required to sign the rental agreement.

Exmouth Camper Hire does NOT offer airport pick up or drop offs.

However, can arrange return seats on the airport shuttle to correspond with your flight times upon confirming a Camper.

The Airport shuttle is a separate service to us at $40 pp one way. Children 5-15 years are $25 pp.

You easily see the Airport Shuttle stall at the arrival section of our airport, quote your surname and pay the driver the cash or card upon the transfer.

We shall see you around 1 hour after landing at our depot.

A corresponding drop off time will be quoted on your hire agreement.

All hires are Contactless.

Your Camper/Motor Home will be waiting out the front of the ECH Depot in Exmouth with Key instructions sent via email or text prior pick up.

Ensure to have checked off your “Before Leaving” check list, prior driving away of the depot.

You must make sure your fuel is full before you drop off your camper.

Exmouth Camper Hire offers complementary LPG Gas which does not require refilling.

Yes, you will need to empty the waste water and toilet cassette at an authorised dump point found at most campgrounds.

A fee applies if not emptied or rinsed out before drop off.

Ensure that you’ve taken any rubbish away, swept the floors, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom areas and kept in a respectable condition.

Exmouth Camper Hire DOES NOT require you to clean the outside of the Camper.

Also remember that smoking is not permitted in your camper so this cleaning fee also applies to any smoking related cleaning.

Ensure to have checked your “Return of Camper” checklist upon return.